Call For Abstract

Track 01Material Science and Engineering

Track 02Novel Materials Synthesis and Fabrication Technologies

Track 03Materials Technology for 3D Printing Innovation

Track 04Smart Optical Materials and Device Applications

Track 05Integrated Nano and Micro- Structures

Track 06Advanced Energy Materials

Track 07Mining and Metallurgy

Track 08Surface Science and Engineering

Track 09Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

Track 10Biophysics and Systems Biology

Track 11Optics, Photonics, Electronics And Magnetic Materials

Track 12Instrumentation Technology

Track 13Polymers Science and Technology

Track 14Composite Materials, Ceramics and Glass

Track 15Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology Applications

Track 16Industrial Coating Materials

Track 17Material Science Applications

Track 18Materials Theory, Computation and Design

Track 19Nanomedicine and Biomedical Engineering

Track 20Smart Materials and Structures

Track 21Energy Storage and Conversion

Track 22Materials Chemistry